Monthly Archives: December 2013

Toy Boxes from Our Old Kitchen Cabinets

Lots of new toys at your house right now? Check out these cute diy toy boxes made from old kitchen cabinets that Attemptin Aloha shares with us. I see kitchen cabinets on craigslist all the time for free. I love repurposing things so they don’t end up in a land fill. I would like one of these doe a sofa table too, it would hold a lot of magazines and things that are always scattered around the living room.

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Best Wood For Heating

If you heat or even cook with wood Modern Survival Blog shares information on which wood is best. They have a break down of just how much heating you can expect when burning a particular species.  Good info if you are buying cords of wood to heat with. They also tell you which wood you…Continue Reading

Recycled Tire Shingles: Positives Negatives and How to Install Them

You can now purchase commercially fabricated roof shingles made from recycled rubber – or you could do it yourself like this ambitious homeowner, who cut strips of tires and arranged them into interesting patterns on his roof. Appropedia website shares an article of how to use recycled tires as a roofing material. Showing the method…Continue Reading

The Real Food Good,Better and Best Principle

Weed’em And Reap website shares a chart of the different ways a person can make to bring healthier food choices into their lives in progressing levels. I enjoy visiting Weed’em And Reap website on an ongoing basis because of Danelle’s upbeat engaging sense of humor and her ability to write amazing articles that are packed…Continue Reading