21 Jello Shot Recipes

21 Jello Shot Recipes
21 Jello Shot Recipes

These 21 delicious jello shot recipes are a simple twist on a popular party individual serving cocktail served in a playful manner.

The base recipe is easily to understand and the following recipes tell you the different liquor/ schnapps/ pucker to mix to equal 1/2 a cup.

Here is the list of all 21:

Dreamsicle Jello Shots
Strawberry Lemonaid Jello Shots
Caribou Lou (Pina Colada)
Jolly Rancher
Purple People Eater
Bomb Pop
Melon ‘Rita
Tequila Sunrise
Tropic Thunder
Blue Hawaiian
Rum Runner
Bahama Mama
Sex on the Beach
Lemon Drop
Banana Nirvana
Cherry Bomb!
Blue Firecracker
White Lightning
Fourth of July

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