22 Interesting Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin Projects


Art Of Manliness website shares twenty two different not your typical run of the mill upcycling uses for an Altoids tins.

Be sure to look below the picture for the website link that will lead you to each projects full instructions of how to create inspiring items.

  • First Aid kit

  • Electronics Lab

  • Charcloth Maker

  • Pocket Games Chest

  • Router Plane

  • Martini on the Go Kit

  • Mini Flashlight

  • Portable BBQ Stove

  • Tin Valet

  • Survival Kit

  • Covert Dart Gun

  • S’Mores Pocket Snack Kit

  • Pinhole Camera

  • Fire Starting Kit

  • Morse Code Oscillator

  • Pocket Watercolor Kit

  • Alcohol Stove

  • Emergency Candle

  • Urban Survival Kit – mini purse basically

  • Pocket Tackle Box

  • Fireball Shooter

Field and Stream

Click here to read the different projects: