Build It23 Different Structures You Can Build With Pallets

23 Different Structures You Can Build With Pallets

If you have access to a lot of pallets check out these 20 different structures that you can build with them. There are cabin, greenhouse, playhouse a stable and even just backyard man caves. Some of these look pretty cool, like this one that looks like a double decker shipping container home, it actually may be double decker shipping containers that the covered with inexpensive pallets. It looks kind of cool though. I also like the one built like a honey comb with the boards space apart to let lots of air and light in but put on at an angle to keep the rain out. That would be a great place for kids to play or folks in warm climates to live even.

I love how creative some folks are when it comes to pallets. So many things to build from something that would just be considered trash. Here are three that we have shared before that everyone loved. First there was  a Barn built from pallets, then a Shed and last but not least there was a Smokehouse built from pallets for under 100 dollars. Off Grid Quest shares the round-up of the other twenty structures.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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