Chickens3 Practical Ways to Avoid Pecking In Roosters

3 Practical Ways to Avoid Pecking In Roosters

How To Avoid Pecking In Roosters?

Pecking hens is a natural habit of roosters. Roosters pull out the feathers from the neck and wings of hens. This pecking is often safe for hens, but sometimes it can be vicious and may cause death. It is observed that some roosters usually pluck out all the feathers from the neck and tail of the hens, which causes infection or severe injury. In this short blog post, you’ll learn 3 practical ways to avoid pecking in roosters.

Ways To Prevent Your Farm Roosters From Pecking Hens

You can prevent your rooster from pecking hens by considering the ways discussed below:

1 Provide Suitable Space:

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

To avoid pecking in roosters, you must provide an ample space for your farm roosters. Inappropriate space is the primary cause of this problem. When the flock is kept in a small space with improper room to wade free, farm owners notice this pecking. Roosters need an enormous space where they can roam freely with no obstruction. So, you need to provide enough space to your flock where they don’t get overcrowded.

2 Provide a good diet:

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Roosters with nutritional deficiencies usually peck hens because of anger and aggression. You need to provide a proper diet to your roosters, including oats, dietary fibers, multivitamins, and enough calcium to keep them healthy and treat their deficiencies. It also plays a vital role in reducing the aggressiveness and the hostile behavior of the rooster. This tip will avoid pecking in roosters.

3 Use chicken saddle:

Photo Credits: Sweet and Peachy Frills

Pecking can also result during over-mating by the roosters. Using chicken saddle is a good option in this concern, which can protect the hens from the rooster’s dangerous behavior while mating. This saddle will keep the rooster restricted from pecking.

Signing Off!

By following the above ways, you can avoid pecking in roosters. If the situation persists even after using mentioned preventions, keep the rooster away from your flock for a couple of weeks. This will surely help the rooster in overcoming its viciousness.

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