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3 Reasons To Start Homesteading In Texas

If you are looking to set up a homestead, Texas should be near the top of your list of states to consider. Apart from being home to the most farms and ranches in the USA, Texas is also known to keep family farming traditions alive, similar to how homesteading is conducive to simplistic, family-oriented living. Judging by the amount of land available, the fertility of the soil, and the large variety of animals that can be reared, there are more than a few reasons why Texas is the perfect place to set up your homestead.

Homesteading In Texas

There is plenty of land available at affordable costs

At present, the average cost of farm land in Texas is estimated at $2,120 per acre. This is more than $1,000 dollars less than the national average according to the US Department of Agriculture. As the state constitutes nearly 127 million acres of farmland, there is an abundance of land available to eager homesteaders. Whether you choose to set up your homestead in the East Texas Piney Woods outside Houston or the state’s Off-Grid Capital, Terlingua, you can expect to enjoy a range of homestead exemptions that can reduce your property tax considerably. When you buy land in Blanco, TX, you will not only be privy to homestead exemptions and fertile soil, but exemplary natural beauty as well. The region is also known for its array of public swimming holes that provide a welcome reprieve from the relentless Texas sun.

You can rear a variety of animals

Although there is no rule that stipulates that you have to keep animals on your homestead, choosing to do so can make you increasingly self-sufficient. Cattle, sheep and chickens are particularly commonplace in Texas, and are often found on homesteads, where they serve as a source of dairy, eggs and meat. When rearing animals on your homestead, it is important to remember that the Texas Agricultural Code requires all cattle, goats, sheep and pigs have to be identifiable via tattoos, branding, or electronic devices to distinguish them from the livestock of neighboring farms/homesteads. Bees and rabbits also thrive in Texas, and apart from boosting self-reliance considerably, are also suitable to keep on smaller homesteads.

Crops are diverse and easy to grow

Thanks to the very diverse geography and climate of Texas, a large variety of crops can be grown by homesteaders.  While the different crops grow better in varying parts of the states, there is a long list of vegetables, fruit and herbs that can be grown to boost self-sufficiency. Popular vegetable choices include carrots, beets, green beans, peppers and onions. Potatoes are another crop that thrives in the Texas climate, and is also a staple in many Texas homes. As far as fruit is concerned, consider growing red apples, blackberries, figs, melons and pomegranates to use in your own home or make into jellies and preserves to sell at local outlets and markets. Remember that proper irrigation is vital if you want your fruit and vegetables to flourish in the Lone Star State’s warm climate.

easy to grow

Texas is one of the best places for a homestead. Apart from being able to grow multiple crops and rear various animals, you may also find a glorious piece of land at a very good price.


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