Uncategorized31 Phrases That Only People In The Military Will Understand

31 Phrases That Only People In The Military Will Understand


Business Insider website shares a somewhat interesting explanation of some slang words, phrases and terminology that has filtered into everyday communications through soldiers merging back into society.  I had to laugh at a few of these terms because some of my family members still use them even after 20 years of being a civilian.

What terms and meaning are you familiar with that are not on this list ?

High and tight : very short haircut

Bravo Zulu or “BZ.”: Same as saying “Well Done”

Hit the head : Heading to the restroom

Mandatory fun: command to attend an event

Hooah: anything requiring abundant enthusiasm

Got your 6. I got your back.  ( 6 means behind you)

Roger that.  Message received.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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