DIY Projects33 Brilliant Moving Tips

33 Brilliant Moving Tips

Here is a list of 33 brilliant moving tips to make your move and life easier.

More people are moving to either find work or combine multi generation households (moving in with family to lower expenses) than ever before. If your lucky, your move will be within fifty miles of your current home but some people are moving hundreds of miles away. Having a plan and using different techniques can save a family money, time and effort.

Here are some bonus tips I have learned from moving:

  • Call the all of your utility service companies two weeks prior to your move. Schedule them to turn off services the day after you move and to turn on services to your new house three days before you move in.

  • Buy new locks for all doors in your new house. This is an important step that can NOT be skipped because criminals are very aware of how easy it is to break in using an old spare key.

  • Get a full paper copy of each pet’s records from your veterinarian three weeks before you move.

  • Have your children’s school records transferred to their new school two weeks before your move.

  • Think about having steel security doors installed on all doors of your home.

  • Steam clean carpets three days before you move into your new home.

  • Make appointments for cable, internet and phone service for the 2nd day in your new house, if it can not be turned on earlier.

  • Three weeks before order checks with your new address. You may to transfer banks if you are moving a long distance and are not with a national banking institution.

  • Fill and transfer prescriptions a week before.

  • Backup your computer.

  • Empty gas from lawn mower, weed eater and chainsaw.

  • Do not leave any paperwork behind that has sensitive personal information on it.

  • Pet Tags: It is also essential to update your pet’s tags with proper identification including up-to-date contact information and your new home’s address

  • Use red duct tape on boxes that you will be opening first so they can be easily seen.

  • Place stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, blankets, and other soft items in trash bags and use them as padding next to fragile items in the moving truck. It also helps fill up irregular empty space in the truck so your belongings won’t shift around during the move.

  • If you’ve got them, use your rolling luggage bags for really heavy items like books. Now you can avoid the heavy lifting and simply roll the bags onto your moving truck.

  • Pack a labeled box with all of your first-night essentials and load it last so it’s the first thing off the truck.

  • Use fitted sheets to protect your mattresses on moving day! Put one on just like normal, and then place another on the bottom for complete coverage.

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