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4 Benefits of Filtered Tap Water

People have different attitudes towards tap water. Some see it as a perfectly fine source of hydration, while some literally think it’s poisonous. In a recent poll, more than a third of the people surveyed stated that tap water was acceptable in terms of odor and taste. What they don’t know is how much it could be improved by simply being filtered. 

Filtered Water

While things like fluoride or chlorine might not be as bad as some people make them to be, they are still not something you should be ingesting in large quantities. Tap water standards in most of the western world are respectable, but there is still room for improvement. For instance, heavy metals and impurities can be found in even the best tap water and can have detrimental effects on our bodies. Here are 4 well-known benefits of filtered tap water.

Eliminates Odors

You might not realize it, but tap water has a very distinctive smell. The smell mostly comes from treatment where water is treated with harsh chemicals. There’s also the fact that your local aqueduct system or your plumbing might be leaching heavy metals into the water. The easiest solution here would be to go for a water filter unit. An undersink filter would be a great option if your local system is compromised and it’s severely affecting water quality and taste.

Less Chlorine

Chlorine plays an essential role in the water filtering process and is essential for eliminating bacteria and pathogens. With that being said, the long term effects of chlorine on the human body are still largely unknown. 

The United States’ Environmental Quality Council found that people who were exposed to chlorinated water had a 93% higher risk of contracting cancer. Another study from the WHO found that the risk of bladder cancer was much higher in populations that drank chlorinated water. So, if you care about your and your family’s health, it would be better to err on the side of caution and consider investing in a water filtration unit.

No More Bottle Water

Bottled water can get expensive, and you won’t need to rely on it anymore once you can filter your water. Not to mention that a lot of the bottled water being sold is actually filtered water coming from the same municipal tap as yours. 

There’s also the fact that bottled water bottles are full of BPAs, which are potentially harmful agents that can alter hormonal function. With a filtration system, you can fill your own safe bottles and won’t have to spend every day for something you can get straight out of your faucet.

Could Enhance Hydration

Some people might think that the benefits of filtered water are only on the surface, but the quality of your water can have a direct impact on how well your body absorbs it. One particular study found that alkaline mineral water was able to better hydrate a group of athletes. Having an alkalizing filter will not only improve the water’s PH but increase it’s mineral content as well. 


These are just some of the benefits of drinking filtered water. The good news is that it’s accessible to everybody, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of clean water from home with the proper tools.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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