Cleaners4 Different Ways to Clean Stove Top Drip Pans

4 Different Ways to Clean Stove Top Drip Pans

This step by step tutorial of 4 different ways to clean stove top drip pans is never truly easy but these methods will reduce the hardcore effort. Stove top burner pans represent one of the toughest cleaning jobs in your kitchen. If you have not cleaned your drip pans for a long time, a deep cleaning may be necessary to remove stubborn food and grease.

4 Different Ways to Clean Stove Top Drip Pans

One of the most difficult parts of keeping the kitchen clean is the stove, with so many ways it can get dirty while preparing food every day. Most electric stoves found in homes, apartments and condos have drip pans that are designed catch any liquid or solid food that might splash out of a pot while food is being prepared. Unless you are a person that cleans up the stove completely after you prepare each meal, you have probably found yourself with baked on food all over the drip pans.

Cleaning one or more of the drip pans from a stove that has baked on food all over it is really hard to get clean without a whole lot of scrubbing. These four cleaning methods are tested with before and after results so you can see the easy to follow ways to clean the drip pans in action.

Benefits of using the How to Clean the Stove Drip Pans method

● Everything necessary to complete the steps in the method are listed

● The cleaning method includes an easy to follow step by step guide

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