Gardening4 easy gardening tips 

4 easy gardening tips 

Is this the first time you’ll start gardening? Simply because you haven’t had a garden for years or because you thought gardening wasn’t something you could do? No problem! Gardening isn’t as hard as many people think. Buying new plants, dutch tulip bulbs or vegetables, fruits and herbs is sometimes the most difficult. Just because there are so many choices. Gardening itself is something which can be learned very easily. Need some help to start your own garden? Here are 4 easy gardening tips for beginners! 

gardening tips 

1. Make use of the sunlight 

Miscalculating the importance of sunlight is very much the worst thing you can do while building your own garden. Use the weeks before you start gardening by paying attention to the way the sunlight moves through your garden. Which areas receive pretty much the most sunlight and which ones don’t? Most edible plants need at least 6 hours sunlight a day to survive and eventually thrive. Make sure you’ll give this to them. Otherwise the chances are slim your plants will thrive this year. 

2. Choose plants for beginners 

Some plants are very hard to grow and others don’t need much attention. As a beginner it’s a good thing to know these plants exist. Start off with some easy plants to grow. So you’ll have the time you need to discover your own gardening skills and expand these. When you get more experienced, you can also choose new plants. Don’t rush into things. Otherwise you’ll will only be discouraged by the results. 

3. Buy great soil 

Plants will need great soil to blossom. That’s why it’s important to use all the time you can get to discover all the different kinds of soil. When possible ask advice from a professional gardener. So you’ll definitely know you have made the right choice. 

4. Create your garden near a water source

The worst thing you can do is drying out your plants. Most plants need lots of water to survive and eventually thrive. That’s why it’s important not to only water your plants quite often, but also to create your garden near a water source. It will be much less difficult to water your plants, when the water source is nearby. 

Do you find it difficult to determine when your plants need new water? The best way to tell if your plant is becoming to dry is by putting your finger an inch down into the soil. Is the soil very much dry? Than it’s time to get some new water. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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