Salves4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

Make this 4 herb healing salve and you will always be ready for burns, scrapes, cuts and rashes when you need it. I love to make homemade remedies from natural herbs instead of buying all of the chemical filled ones from the store.

4 Herb Healing Salve Recipe

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This one contains the 4 herbs, Comfrey, Calendula, Chamomile and Nettle. You can use coconut oil and you won’t need beeswax or use your favorite oil and add beeswax to make it solid. Either way if your house gets warm you might want to keep your salve in the fridge to both keep it in a soft solid and to prevent mold. If you can find these herbs growing organically or if you grow them yourself as I do with the comfry and caledula it will save you some money to go and pick rather than buying. You want to use organic since you will be applying this to skin. I used to think I could make salves out of herbal tea untill they started talking about how many brands of tea have pesticides in them.

Now I make my own herbal teas with my organic herbs as well as my salves. A Handmade Life shares this salve recipe. She used all fresh herbs but it is winter now so most of us will need to use dried. I have a lot of herbs that I dry in the summer so I will have them in winter. You can buy the ones you need, just make sure they are organic. She made hers in the oven because she had it going on low but I always make mine in a pan on the stove top. You don’t want to cook the herbs because that will kill a lot of the benefits in them. You just want to put them in the pan with the oil of your choice and turn the fire as low as it goes and let them sit there and steep.

The longer they steep the greener the salve and the more of the healing benefits will have steeped out of the plant material into the oil. When using dried herbs for a salve I usually use a half of a cup of herb to a cup of oil when I am using more than one herb. So for this recipe you would use a half cup of each her per every cup of oil. Why make a tiny amount. Make a bunch and share with friends and family. After 3 or 4 hours of steeping, if you oil have a nice dark green color you can move on to the next step. If it doesn’t let it steep untill it does. Next you will strain out the plant material and if you used coconut oil you can pour the oil right into your jars and then let it cool and then store in the fridge untill needed.

If you are adding beeswax, after straining add the oil back to the pan and keeping it on the lowest flame add some beeswax (about a tablespoon per cup of oil) let it melt, stir it in then remove from heat and pir into jars. Allow it to cool then store in fridge till needed.


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