Gardening4 Ways Trees Personalize and Protect Your Backyard

4 Ways Trees Personalize and Protect Your Backyard

Until it comes time to landscape your own backyard, trees are kind of one of those things that are easy to gloss over. You take them for granted. They are always just “there.”

Trees on Backyard

But trees serve an important role in our ecology. Just as importantly, their presence has been found to be a positive force in the lives of those humans with access to them. (There is a reason prisoners get outdoor time, right?)

If you are looking for ways to differentiate your homestead from those around you, consider upping your fauna game by investing in trees to personalize and protect the integrity of your backyard.

Different Types of Trees

Deciduous trees, or hardwood trees, are trees that lose their leaves in the colder months. These trees can be helpful in framing a house in desperate need of sunlight in winter, because they will have bare branches that allow the sun to filter through.

When their leaves change colors, they also become beautiful, multicolored focal points for your outdoor space. Nut and fruit trees are also categorized as hardwood trees.

Coniferous, or evergreen trees, are those trees that retain their leaves and gorgeous hues year around (for the most part). They will essentially act as a screen against poor weather conditions and as a shelter for wildlife seeking refuge in harsh weather conditions.

Birds are especially attracted to evergreen trees. This becomes especially true in the chillier months, so keep that in mind if you enjoy bird watching!

The Cost of Trees

Trees are an investment. You definitely want to plan ahead, when it is costing you a couple hundred bucks a pop at the least. If you are thinking about making the plunge into more hardcore greenery that comes with a commitment like trees do, you will want to know what you are getting into.

Plan ahead: transporting and installing trees correctly can get expensive. It can be hard to know where and how to cut corners, so you might want to enlist help.

If you are looking for alternative means of financing your homestead’s backyard renovation, you can look into a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is simply a loan secured by your home. You can use a reverse mortgage calculator to find out what benefit a reverse mortgage may be for you.

Stymie Snowfall

Snow fall can be a real drag in winter. And when it comes to clearing out the nooks and crannies of your homestead’s forest dreamland, snow will prove your perpetual bane each winter.

But the right coniferous tree can change all of that. Controlling the way snow falls to the ground itself can be a huge boon in your efforts to keep it from overwhelming your happy homestead.

Promote Wildlife

Trees provide shelter and resources for local wildlife. From squirrels to chipmunks to foxes and snakes and birds, the possibilities are endless in regards to the critters that could make a space in your backyard.

If you want to make a safe space to watch nature, select trees that offer natural canopy protection on the ground for small creatures. Or you can look at trees with readily accessible branches for flying or gliding creatures that need a break in the thick of wintry weather.


Love hammocks? Then you need trees. It’s that simple! But in addition to providing literal structure, they also create structure in the visual design of your backyard and give your gaze an “anchor” point that feels cozy.

More importantly, biologically appropriate trees can reinforce the integrity of the soil in your backyard which could help reduce erosion in your immediate area. Those that live in an area where flooding or wet seasons are a concern should take note! The roots of the tree can actually help keep the soil “together.”

Visual Interest

Not all trees are created equal. Are you intimately familiar with the broad spectrum of trees your local climate can sustain? If not, you should become familiar! Oftentimes, the most interesting looking trees are those that are underappreciated and underrepresented in national consciousnesses.

This is because they are not as hardy as the trees we see popularized throughout the company. It is often a safer bet for homeowners and builders to invest in landscaping they know will last and also serve as a crowd pleaser to potential homeowners.

For instance: think of a palm tree. Local examples like this are abound throughout the country, so take a look at your local fauna. The best part about going local is knowing that the climate you plant your trees in is already optimal to maintain them. 

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