Emergency Preparedness40 Ways to Use Garbage Bags in Emergencies

40 Ways to Use Garbage Bags in Emergencies

Unfortunately with the help of TV programming, many people have the misconception that prepping has to be an expensive undertaking. This is simply not true. Especially when you consider all the dirt-cheap “gems” we find in emergency prepping such as garbage bags.


Check out the 40 uses for garbage bags I’ve found to be most useful in an emergency situation:

  1. Set Up as a Rain Catcher
  2. Use as a Poncho
  3. Waterproof Shoes by Covering with Bag and Tying Around the Ankle
  4. Emergency Shelter (with multiples)
  5. Fill with Leaves and Climb In for Emergency Sleeping Bag (or sleep on top to use as mattress – keeping the cold ground from sucking the heat out of you)
  6. Store Food In
  7. Use as a Sling
  8. Use as a Swimming Suit so You Keep Clothing Dry (how stylish)
  9. Store Garbage (duh)
  10. Store Toilet Paper and other Paper Supplies to Keep Dry
  11. Use as a Windbreaker
  12. Use as a Sun Jacket
  13. Cut a Strip with Two Slits for Your Eyes and Tie Around Your Face Like Zorro for Make-Shift Sunglasses (it worked for the Inuits, it’ll work for you)
  14. Use as Compression Bandage
  15. Fill with Water for Storage (short term)
  16. Use as Tent Floor/Ground Cloth
  17.  Tape Edges of Bag to the Edges of Your Window Frame to Blackout Windows (must be heavy duty to shield light)
  18. Use as a Backpack
  19. Use to Create Shade from Sun
  20. Use as Porta-Sink
  21. Use to Wash Clothes In
  22. Mix Ingredients for Cooking In It
  23. Seal Off Room with Multiple Bags and Tape to Quarantine an Ill Person
  24. Turn Off Water and Line Toilets with Bags (or line 5 gallon buckets)
  25. Store Newspaper for Future Use as Fire Starter (keeping it dry)
  26. Use for Concealment by Wearing Over Clothes at Night (black garbage bags)
  27. Cover Wounds with Gauze and Wrap with Strips of Garbage Bag
  28. Fill with Water, Tie to a Tree Branch and Poke Small Holes into the Bottom – You’ve Got an Emergency Shower
  29. Use as Disposable Gloves for Cleaning
  30. Use as a Tourniquet
  31. Wrap Around Cloth Gloves to Make Waterproof
  32. Fill with Water, Place in a Ditch then Add Hot Stones to Sterilize Water for Drinking (stones need to be hot enough to boil the water)
  33. Great Bartering Item
  34. Use them as Sterile Surface to Prepare Food
  35. Use as Emergency Signal
  36. Fill with Cold Water and Use as Cold Compress for Injuries (same can be said with hot water)
  37. Use as Ties for Splints
  38. While Wearing Socks, Step Into Two Layers of Bags to Use as Shoes
  39. Use as Diapers (line with toilet paper)
  40. Stuff Inside Your Clothing for Insulation

So there you have it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Garbage bags are no exception. Many of these uses go for plastic grocery bags as well. So start hoarding and stock up on those garbage bags. You never know when one of these 40 will be applicable to you. Have more uses for your garbage bags? Leave them in the comments below.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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