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5 Common Water Leak Sources Affecting Your Water Bills

As a homeowner, you handle several matters, including bills, maintenance, and much more. All these responsibilities can, of course, drain you physically and financially. Moreover, if anything breaks down in your home, you could end up spending thousands of dollars. 

Amongst all problems, water leaks are the worst. These increase your bills and require costly repairs. If you see a sudden increase in your water bills, there is a high possibility your home has leakages. 

In such circumstances, you must address the issue because these leakages harm you and your home. Even though finding the root cause of these leakages can be tough, you should start from somewhere. Here are a few water leakage sources that could be the culprit behind higher water bills. Start by fixing them. 

Faucet Leaks 

Leakages can be present anywhere. One of those places is your faucets. Yes, that’s right. Faucet leakages are a massive issue in a majority of homes. No matter how new or improved your faucet might be, it can develop a leak at any time. 

From a broken tap to a damaged seal, anything can be the reason behind the problem. These leakages result in the wastage of thousands of liters of water yearly. Along with wastage, it also increases your water bills. 

So, leaving the issue unresolved is unacceptable. The minute your spot a leaking tap, call for help. You could even hire a leak detection and repair team to check all the faucets in your home. Since you call for help, get every possible tap checked. It saves you thousands on water bills. 

Toilet Leaks 

Like faucets, your washrooms also play a significant role in increasing water bills. Toilet leaks are a constant problem in a majority of households. It could be a leak from your tank into the bowl or something worse. 

In every situation, problems need to be fixed. You might not notice the problem, but there are signs to confirm these possible doubts. For example, long flush times are one sign. If water leaks into the toilet bowl, your tank will take time to fill. Hence delaying the flush time. 

Similarly, any water accumulation at the base of your toilet indicates a leakage in the system. Such leakages cause the loss of thousands of liters of water every day. Not only do you waste a precious resource but add to your problems. 

Leaking Washing Machines and Dishwashers 

Another common source of water leaks is your washing machine and dishwasher. If these machines start to leak, a major portion of your tank water will be lost. It will ultimately lead to more bills. In some cases, your equipment loses its efficiency. 

You can save your home and machines by detecting and fixing these leaks in time. These machines are in enclosed spaces, and you might not be able to notice any visible leaks. So, check them from time to time. Don’t forget to inspect the base because it is one of the leading reasons behind a leak. 

To save more water, you could exchange your old dishwashers and washing machines with new water-saving options. These days the latest models of all electronic devices are energy efficient. Having them in your home reduces all kinds of bills. 

Lateral Line Leakage 

There are underground pipes bringing water supply to your homes. These pipes often develop cracks or loosen up, resulting in water leakages. The reason behind these cracks could be anything. Maybe some animal activity led to the issue, or the pipe was too old. Anything can contribute to the leaking pipe. 

Since these pipes are underground, you will not be able to see them. However, if your water bills are above your expectations, you should keep lateral lines in mind. Check all other possible areas where you could find leakages. If there is nothing wrong in any other part of your home, call a professional to check these pipelines. 

Often replacing the pipes or repairing them fixes the issue. However, you can’t handle it without professional help. 

Shower Leakages 

Another area in your home that can be responsible for higher water bills is your shower. Yes, shower leaks are very much possible and easier to detect. Water will continue falling from the showerhead, indicating the problem. 

A sign could be showerhead leaks. These are often after effects of mineral deposits or damaged cartridges. In the same way, grout leaks, mixer valve leaks, and shower tray leaks are all possible reasons behind your leaking shower. 

No matter what kind of signs you come across, you must fix them as quickly as possible. It’s easy to fix minor issues yourself, but for significant issues like fixing shower seals or changing damaged grouts, you need experts. 

The longer you let the problem be, the higher the chances of receiving massive water bills. With timely intervention, you can avoid catastrophic leaks and save yourself.

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