Communication5 Different Methods of Communication During a SHTF Scenario

5 Different Methods of Communication During a SHTF Scenario

SHTF communication might be one of the least talked about aspects in terms of preparedness. However, if you are a serious prepper, it plays an important role to ensure your survival during any disaster and it’s something that you cannot afford to overlook.

Disasters have shown everyone how crucial communication is, especially in times of crisis. From dispatching the first responders to the affected areas to coordinating with your loved ones during times of crisis, communication infrastructure is important to one’s safety.

However, while there are great strides when it comes to communication technology, the infrastructure is vulnerable to small-scale storms and disasters. Most of you have witnessed cell networks fail, 911 systems get overloaded, and modern devices stop working.

During disaster, it’s likely that majority of communication channels will fail. Fortunately, there are other methods you can take for consideration when it comes to your SHTF communication needs. If you are a serious prepper, SHTF Dad has listed some of the methods you may consider.

If apocalypse comes and worst happens, you’ll need more reliable methods and you have to learn more about SHTF communication to survive. So, take note of the listed methods and devices at SHTF Dad.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
Raised in rural Montana and educated in Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Development, Paige Raymond combines a practical mindset with a passion for self-reliance and sustainability. With expertise ranging from mechanical solutions and food preservation to emergency preparedness and renewable energy, Paige is a proud author with more than 5000 published articles.

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