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5 Ideas to Make Your House Your Happy Place

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’re currently living in temporary rental accommodation, a house isn’t a home until you make it so. A few simple touches that show off your unique personality and style can go a long way in to make you and your guests feel more comfortable in the space. This doesn’t always have to cost a fortune either. Depending on your budget as well as whether you intend on staying put for the longer term, you can choose to invest as much or as little as you want with these little gems of inspiration. 

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Create Your Own Cosy Boudoir

We should all be getting at least eight hours of sleep a night, but that’s easier said than done sometimes. In some cases, you may need to invest in a new bed to discover a more comfortable sleep experience but sometimes all it takes is a few new scatter cushions or new bed linen to give you a cozy boudoir feel. 

Incorporate a Little Bit of Nature Indoors

Inviting Mother Nature into your home through the incorporation of house plants and outdoor elements is a great way to add color, texture, patterns, and scents into a space, The mental health benefits of bringing a little greenery into one’s living space are said to be profound,  Whether it is placing a bouquet of cut flowers on your coffee tables, adding some dried branches into a glass vase of filling up a wicker basket with sea shells – organic elements placed strategically through the home will certainly build character. 

Let Yourself Lose Time In a Book Nook

Who doesn’t enjoy curling up with a good book? Enhancing your reading experience by creating a little book nook and organizing your home library is such a way that it becomes a feature of the home. Unpacking all your books and having them on display not only shows off one’s literary tastes but will allow you to access memories from those books at a glance. 

Relive Good Memories

Sure, we all live in a digital age with all of our photos immediately posted to Facebook and Instagram, but why not make the effort to get your favorite family photos or holiday snaps printed and beautifully framed? Having your memories will not only allow your walls to tell parts of your story but you’ll get to relive good memories of loved ones every time you walk past your photo displays.

Add a Splash of Colour

We all have our favorite shades so incorporate elements of your color preferences into your living space to make your mark. Whether its bright blues of soft creams and beiges, a splash of color can instantly make a home feel more inviting and isn’t that what we all want when we walk into our homes each day? You can add in your colorful elements via a feature wall or opt for more temporary changes through the use of cushions, fabrics, and various colorful ornamental features. 

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a place to really call home. Investing a little time and thought into revamping your abode is all it takes to create a space that is inviting and homely. Small touches that don’t necessarily cost too much are all you need to take your space to the next level and make it your happy place. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Hello! I'm Heather Jones, a dedicated writer and expert in the fields of DIY projects, home improvement, and emergency preparedness. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, I'm committed to sharing practical tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your home and life.


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