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5 Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Screen Room

Adding extra living space to your home is one of the best investments that you can make, both from an emotional and a financial standpoint. More room in your home means more spaces for you and your family to spread out (or possibly just some extra storage space!), while adding an extra room can dramatically increase the footprint of your house and drive up its resale value. However, if you end up spending more on the addition than you get back when you sell up, it’s not a great investment. This is where Desert Sun Patios screen rooms come into play. They are cheap and easy to build (they can even use an existing deck or patio instead of digging costly foundations) and they bring a sense of the outdoors into your new living space.

What To Look For In A New Screen Room

As with all home improvement projects, not all screen rooms are created equally and you’ll have plenty of decisions to look out for when you’re buying a new screen room. Here are 5 top things to consider when you’re planning your dream screen room extension:

  1. What’s the primary use – your first consideration has to be what you’ll be primarily using the space for. You’ll want a different configuration of external doors and siding heights if you’re doing a living space as connection to the yard versus a private dining area that has a great view out of the window. 
  2. Size matters – as an investment on your home, the biggest factor when planning your screen room is the size, and the bigger the better is a good rule of thumb. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re choosing between more space or a fancy feature, the square footage will give you a better return on your financial investment. 
  3. How will you light it – your new screen room will essentially be an enclosed outdoor space. This means that it will be shaded but light during the day time hours, but darker and colder at night. If you’re planning to use it in the evenings, you need to think about how you will light it, with the caveat that the more electricity you need, the higher your building cost will be. 
  4. Mesh size – screen room mesh window technology has come a long way in recent years, and most screen windows will now feel almost transparent while blocking most of the bugs out. You will have to pick between larger mesh sizes with better visibility but more dirt and dust, and smaller mesh sizes that will feel darker but more secure. 
  5. Consider the lifespan – the final consideration should be how long you’re intending to use the screen room for. If you’re planning on moving in a year or two, you should aim for materials that look great but might not be built for longevity. However, if this is more of an investment in your family, you should look to spend more so that you’re not constantly repairing and maintaining your sunroom over the years. 
Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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