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5 Tips That You Can Follow To Get the Most Out of Your Wood Stove

Wood burning stoves have been one of the primary sources of heat and cooking for millions of homes for centuries now. Recently, we have been introduced to a few new options for heating, but that’s not going to change the minds of those who enjoy the sound of crackling wood and the aromatic smell in their stoves.

Wood stove

Much like any other appliance, a modern wood stove must be taken care of properly to prolong its life and to maintain its efficiency. And since winter is right around the corner (in some places it’s already begun), it’s better to have some tricks up your sleeves for an efficient and effective wood burning. 

The following tips and techniques will help you to enhance the efficiency and safety of your wood stove while simultaneously prolonging its lifespan as you get ready to face the harsh temperatures of your winters.  


1. Observe the Smoke


Paying attention to the smoke coming out of your wood stove will go a long way in increasing its efficiency. Not sure how to do the analysis? Here’s a brief overview: 

The smoke is made up of tar and several combustible gases. When a piece of wood is heated and on fire, until only the charcoal remains, about half of its energy content will be up in the smoke (quite literally). All you need to know is that it is important to burn the smoke as much as possible. Not only is the unburnt smoke a wasted fuel, but it also gets stuck in the chimney as creosote or is released as air pollution.  

Wood smoke is not a usual byproduct of wood combustion, it is a waste. If you have visible smoke coming out of your chimney, it is always a sign that energy is being wasted.

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2. Keep The Wood Dry and Happy


When you purchase dry wood, there’s no guarantee that it will remain perfectly dry before you feed it to your wood stove. Air during the winter season, as harsh as it already is, is notoriously famous for being heavy in moisture, and unless you have followed every tip to keep your wood dry, it will become somewhat indigestible to the wood stove in just a matter of days.

Contrary to popular belief, packing wood tightly together is not the best way to keep it dry. Make some space between, to block for a free flow of air, so that it can carry away the humidity with it. As well, a more effective strategy would be to store it off the ground and cover it with a roof-like structure to protect against rain and snow.



3. Learn The Right Way To Start The Fire


Starting a fire in your wood stove sure sounds simple, given how easy it looks to an observer. However, if you are not familiar with a very specific way to build a strong-burning fire that could create more warmth with less wood, there’s no reason to call yourself a professional fire burner (that’s not even a term, to begin with).

The right way to do it would be to start a small fire with dry kindling, then adding a few pieces of wood in the beginning. As the fire picks up, heat the chimney or flue before adding more wood into the stove. To avoid smoldering, always remember to keep space between the wood and kindling.

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4. Circulate the Heat


One of the few downsides to a wood stove is that the warmth from your fire tends to stay in the area immediately surrounding it. However, you might know a few techniques to circulate the air around your place, and you can always make the entire living space warm by letting the hot air spread across the whole area. 

For instance, if you have ceiling fans in your living room (where the wood stove is), you’re in luck. Running it at low speeds might be enough to do the trick. Additionally, improving the insulation of the walls in your home will let the heat from the stove spread across the whole place naturally. 

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5. Use The Best Quality Wood Stove

This should come off as a no-brainer, but since many people have fallen victim to bad wood stoves, both sold in retail stores, or online, we feel obligated to mention the importance of quality for hassle-free heating in your home. If you’re looking for high-quality small wood stoves that provide effective and efficient heating in living rooms and small spaces such as RVs, Cubic Mini Wood Stoves is definitely worth a shot.

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