Raising Livestock5 Ways for a Healthier Homesteading Chicken Flock

5 Ways for a Healthier Homesteading Chicken Flock

Homesteaders will be interested in the 5 helpful ways for a healthier homesteading chicken flock.

Another strain of the bird flu virus was just announced on news stations across the world. While most people will have a moment of shock followed by completely forgetting about it, people who own chickens will be haunted by the announcement.

Chickens are, after all, a big investment. And, most would agree that their chickens are like a vital part of homesteading plan to create daily food for your family. And since bird flu can be passed on to people, it’s even more scary. This is why it’s so important for chicken owners to know how to protect their chickens from the bird flu.

If you own chickens, this guide will give you five tips on how to protect your chickens from becoming some of the 29 million birds infected with this virus. This guide is very descriptive, going in to an overview of the newest outbreak, how poultry can be infected, and then goes in to how to protect your flock.

This guide goes over:

– Flock Inspection
– Coop Maintenance
– Diet
– Stress
– Coop Lighting
– Predator Protection
– Free Rang Options
– Probiotics
– Herbal Supplements

The author of this article has thought of everything and goes through all the finer points to help you keep your flock safe and sound. And, if you have any questions, there are several ways you can reach the author on social media accounts. With just a little bit of extra work, you can keep your coop completely bird flu free.

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5 Ways for a Healthier Homesteading Chicken Flock

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