5 Ways to Start a FIRE Using WATER

5 Ways to Start a FIRE Using WATER

These 5 ways to start a fire using water will increase your emergency preparedness knowledge that someday may just save your life in a disaster providing heat and light. There many different ways people have been taught to start a fire when no flame producing objects are available. Unfortunately, many of the methods involve using a flint, something not everyone carries around with them everyday. You are about to read something that you just might find hard to believe, but you can actually start a fire using water. Intrigued, read on and you will find out.

5 Ways to Start a FIRE Using WATER

This article is filled with five unique methods that can actually help you start a fire using the most unlikely of materials; water. The sun is a very powerful force and by harnessing its power combined with water and several different commonly found objects almost everywhere, you can quickly and easily start a fire. This information is especially important if you were ever stranded and needing to start an emergency fire.

Benefits of reading the 5 Ways to Start a Fire Using Water Article

● It contains potentially life saving information if you are ever stranded in the wilderness

● Each of the five methods are explained in detail as to what materials and supplies that are needed

● Each of the methods has a detailed explanation of how to perform it

● The article also includes several full color photos of each method

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