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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Body During Periods

How To Take Care Of Your Body During Periods?

That one week of every month can be challenging for every woman in different ways. Everyone has their coping mechanism to deal with periods and the adversity that comes with them. There are many ways to deal with it, but here are five easy ways you can take care of your body during periods.

1 Magnesium

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Magnesium helps you to reduce period cramps. It relaxes your muscles and also helps with migraines. This is a reason why women crave chocolates while menstruating. Chocolates are magnesium-rich and sugar, of course.

 Cocoa contains 40mg of magnesium in just one tablespoon. So it helps to have a batch of brownies while you are on your periods.

2 Light exercise

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It doesn’t seem very easy to even get out of bed during periods, but going out on a light walk can help you relax. Going out can energize you. It also reduces stress and can help in controlling mood swings.

You can get pain relief and relaxation after a short walk. A light, brisk walk or other similar aerobic exercises releases an endorphin hormone. This hormone deals with stress and pain and takes care of your body during menstruation.

3 Warm-up

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Some women can have estrogen dominance. It means that during menstruation, your circulation can get affected. This results in cold hands and feet. They can often get purplish. Taking warm baths or snuggling under a blanket can help to bring your blood circulation back to normal. Having tea can also do wonders.

4. Take a break

These days you can often feel exhausted. You lose all motivation to do anything. This is normal, and you should not beat yourself about that. Taking a break during this time is entirely normal. Taking a break means doing anything that relaxes you. You can read a book, watch Netflix, and take a nap.

4. Consumption of healthy fats

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

During menstruation, your body craves healthy fats. The cause of period cramps is prostaglandins. Although prostaglandins are normal, some of them can increase the body’s level of sensitivity to pain. But if you want to reduce that sensitivity, you can process highly saturated fat food. This includes nuts, eggs, salmon, avocados, and butter.

Have a look at the kitchen remedies that work for your menstrual cramp.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Body During Periods?

These are some ways that can help you take care of your body during periods. Self-care and self-love are essential, especially when your body is going through menstruation. During menstruation, the body suffers severe changes that result in mood swings, cravings, seeking attention, and cramps. Hence, it is mandatory to pay full attention to our body to comfort and relax it. 



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