6 Mistakes to AVOID when Buying Raw Land for a HOMESTEAD


One of the biggest questions that I get asked on all of our videos is

I like your house but how do you actually buy the land to put your house on it.

Well buying the land that’s an easy thing but whenever you’re spending this much money to purchase real estate you need to make sure that you do not make certain mistakes and that’s what we’re talking about today.

We’re going over the top six mistakes to avoid when purchasing raw land for your homestead.

The first mistake that you want to avoid when buying raw land for your homestead is buying land that is too close or too far away from your amenities.

To check all the mistakes, please watch the video 🙂

And one more hint: The biggest tip we can suggest when building on actual land is to spend a few years living on the property before building your long term home. Experience a couple seasons and get familiar with how the land sits and settles.