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6 simple ways to straighten up a messy backyard

As we move further into spring, many more of us will be spending more time than usual in our backyard. This is especially true in regards to the current lockdown and self-isolation enforcement. There’s never been a better time to get a handle on backyard organization and gardening, in regards to free time and weather.


It can feel overwhelming to consider tidying up the backyard though, especially if it’s something that you haven’t thought about doing for a while. There’s no need to start phoning up gardeners or feng shui experts, though. There are some simple yet effective ways to make a backyard look organized and visually appealing.

In this blog post, we’re going to be going over our top 6 ways to straighten up a messy backyard. We’ll be looking at essential purchases, and giving some helpful pieces of advice on how to remove visual clutter in the garden.

Rake up dead leaves

A great place to start is with dead leaves and debris. Grab yourself a rake, and spend a good 20 minutes sweeping up any loose leaves or rubbish that’s been embedded into your lawn. It may seem like a small task, but it’ll make all the difference.

Leaves left on the ground can create a breeding ground for pests and diseases and make your yard look untidy. It’s best to rake leaves as soon as they begin to fall rather than waiting for them to accumulate. This will make the task more manageable. It’d also be best if you used the right tool. Use a leaf rake designed explicitly for the job; it’s typically lightweight and has flexible tines that can reach into tight spaces.

Remove old statues and decorations

If you’re a fan of decorating your yard with trinkets and statues, consider getting rid of some of your older ones to make way for new ones. Are there any that just don’t fit your aesthetic anymore? Get rid of them, and grab yourself some newer ones instead.

Alternatively, why not revamp your old decorations? Grab some durable paint and brushes from your local craft store and spice up your backyard decorations.

Get rid of weeds

Something else that can help with reducing visual clutter is removing weeds. No matter whether you’ve got weeds in your lawn, in your flower beds, between the cracks in your patio or in your plant pots, it’ll be adding unneeded noise to your backyard. Weeding isn’t a particularly fun part of backyard care, but it is certainly very important.

When getting rid of weeds, it’s crucial that you remove the entire root system. You can hand-pull or dig them up, but you can also use a hoe or cultivator to cut the weed stems at the soil level. This prevents them from photosynthesizing and growing.

Consider innovative storage ideas

There are plenty of fantastic storage ideas that you can utilize when tidying up a backyard, to help it look more structured and modern. Finding a storage product that can remove clutter and look visually appealing can seem difficult, but nowadays, they’re fairly common.

We’re particularly big fans of deck boxes. They’re modern ways to store things that you’d normally keep on the deck, and they can double up as a piece of furniture as well. Take a look at this guide on best deck boxes in 2020 to learn more about them.

Cut the lawn

Cutting the lawn is a simple, yet effective way to straighten up a messy backyard . Think of it like putting an extra layer of polish on top of all your hard work. This helpful blog post highlights why lawn maintenance is such an important aspect of keeping a tidy backyard.

Use pots and trays to display smaller plants

A final way to tidy up a messy backyard is to use organized layouts of pots and trays to display smaller plants. Instead of having a flowerbed packed full of all different kinds of plants, why not choose a few focal ones and then place the smaller ones into pots? This will help to add some structure, and make maintenance a lot easier as well.

You can also use freestanding planters. They’re a great way to add greenery to your backyard without digging up the ground or installing permanent structures. They can be used to create a focal point, add height to the garden, or define different backyard areas.  

Freestanding planters from stores like BEDD will provide an aesthetic way to showcase your plants. They come in various sizes and styles and can be made of different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Choose a material that’ll complement the overall style of your backyard and be appropriate for the plants you plan to use.

To sum up

Generally speaking, it’s not as daunting to tidy up a backyard as you might think at first glance. With the right tools and some careful organization, this is a project that you’ll be able to sink your teeth into before the week is even over.

It’s a great time to get going with this, too. In many areas of the world, the weather is just starting to lighten up and days are starting to get longer. This means that there’s much more time to spend doing gardening, having barbecues or simply lounging on the deck. If you’re looking for a way to stay busy during quarantine, why not get started with this today?

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Bryan Thomas
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