Emergency Preparedness6 Steps to Teach a Dog How to Track

6 Steps to Teach a Dog How to Track

These 6 steps to teach a dog how to track to help find people, items and even other animals.
You encourage your spouse and your children to learn skills that can be used in an emergency situation – you could do the same thing for your dog. With proper training, your dog will know what you need from him/her.

6 Steps to Teach a Dog How to Track

If you were to ask most people what type of dogs they would associate with tracking, the overwhelming majority would mention some variety of hound dog. This is mostly because these dogs are thought to be amazing tracking dogs. What if I told you that most dogs can be trained to be tracking dogs. It is evident by the wide range of dogs that are used in search & rescue as well as other similar activities.

The author of this article wrote it as a way to show people that almost any dog can actually be trained to do some amount of tracking. While it cannot say how long it will take to train a dog to be proficient at tracking, but it does give the reader a really idea of how it can be accomplished with the right amount time.

Benefits of reading the 6 Steps to Teach Tracking Article

● Find out how really easy it is to teach practically any dog how to track

● It breaks down the process into 6 easy to use steps that almost anyone can use

● Each of the six steps are explained in a way that is easy to understand

● Includes several full color photos of dogs in training mode

Click here to read about these 6 steps to teach a dog how to track:



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Melissa Francis
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