Homesteading6 Struggles of Being a Female Raising Homestead Livestock

6 Struggles of Being a Female Raising Homestead Livestock

These 6 struggles of being a female raising homestead livestock are interesting points to ponder for current or women who intend to become homesteaders. Let’s face it for most people raising livestock animals is beyond their comprehension and it is going to involve doing things that are unimaginable at times.

 6 Struggles of Being a Female Raising Homestead Livestock

This is especially true for women who are having to do the majority or all of the things necessary to run a livestock operation. Whether it is getting down and dirty, so to speak, cleaning up after the large animal’s or having to help a heifer when it is time to deliver her calf.

This article is a very good resource for women who are considering getting into the livestock business. It talks in detail about what makes working with livestock an unique experience, but at the same time it can be so much out of the norm for the typical women to want to go through.

Benefits of reading the 6 Struggles of Being a Female with Livestock Article

● The article is a great resource for those women to see what they are in for if they choose to get in the livestock business

● The author touches on a small number of the many things a woman will be exposed to if they choose to raise livestock

Just last week a friend of mine was getting her hair cut when she got a phone call from the post office saying her box of baby chickens just got in and they are closing in 20 minutes. She left the saloon, mid haircut and picked up her chicks. Luckily, the hairdresser allowed her to return to finish hair cut if she brought the chicks inside for everyone to take a peek. Yes, when you are a female homesteader – there are times you have to drop everything.

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