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6 Tips to Maintain Your Home Boiler System

A home boiler system needs maintenance, like draining the boiler and venting the radiators, to keep things running smoothly. 

Boiler breakdown at the beginning of winter is all dread.  If your boiler works right, you are sure to keep warm. But it is a financial issue as your heating consumption is equivalent to around 30% of your annual energy consumption.

To save energy and not to be cold, you should seriously consider regularly servicing your boiler. Boiler formula is easy to understand as if it has technical issues; it can add expense and cold. 

Here we have collected some simple tips to help you keep your boiler in good condition and work efficiently. 

Invest in official Boiler Service 

The instruction is clear and indicates that you should have serviced your home boiler at least twice every year. It is extremely important not to confuse the gas installation inspection with boiler servicing. 

  • Boiler servicing is mandatory every year. For this purpose, you can even buy a boiler cover; it includes annual boiler servicing and exchange policy. To buy the right service at affordable prices, you can check this website on the boiler cover. 
  • The gas installation inspection applies to the piping, gas meter, rubbers, and taps. It is compulsory every three years, and your gas installation company is responsible for this inspection. 

In short, a well-maintained boiler system can save up to 15% on energy consumption.

Replacing your old boiler with a modern condensing model can also make a huge difference in terms of running costs and you could save as much as £200 a year by upgrading.

Thankfully, there are grants available designed to help households make the transition to more eco-friendly, modern boilers, this is known as the ECO Grant.

Below is your guide to improve the work efficiency of your boiler. 

1. Cleaning is Mandatory 

If your boiler is clean, it’ll work better. Also, check the dirt, because too much dust could mean bad combustion. While doing this also check the joints to make sure there is no unwanted air getting in, which can reduce the efficiency of your heating system. 

2. Check the Connections

 Your boiler should be well-connected. For this, make sure all connections are always properly plugged in. Check the gas pipes, electrical connection, and the outgoing and incoming water connections. 

3. Inspect the Air Grilles 

To improve the work efficiency of the boiler, make sure its grilles are not blocked. Also, make sure they are always open and clean. 

4. Maintain the Right Temperature 

Keeping your home temperature at 18o when you are out and while you are asleep is a good idea. During the hours when you are active at home, you can keep the house at around 21o C. Moreover, if you dress adequately, it can be possible to spend a pleasant winter in your place that never goes above 19oc. 

5. Check Pressure 

A boiler’s normal operating pressure should set between 1.2 and 1.5 bars. Switch on the boiler, wait for a few minutes and check that it is within these parameters. If you are dealing with low pressure, open the tap to allow more water to reach the heating circuit. On the other hand, if your boiler pressure checker is indicating the high-pressure, purge some of the radiators to normal it. 

6. Check Radiators 

There should not be air accumulated inside the boiler. With the help of a screwdriver twist the purging valve and when you see drops of water coming out, close the purge valve. This helps your radiators to use energy more efficiently and to heat up uniformly. 

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