Emergency Preparedness7 Dangers You Will Face Bugging Out in an Emergency

7 Dangers You Will Face Bugging Out in an Emergency

Here are 7 Dangers You Will Face Bugging Out in an Emergency when fleeing a life threatening disaster. Once a natural or man-made disaster has occurred, you will find yourself encountering dangerous situations when on the move looking for safety.

7 Dangers You Will Face Bugging Out in an Emergency

Unfortunately, there are things in the way and other obstacles that will cause more issues for your family, if you are not prepared. When “bugging out,” fleeing the scene of your home, there are these scenarios you will probably face.

When there is no control with the crowds, especially in a blackout, there will be social unrest. It becomes a very dangerous situation to be in, so get away from the major crowds and don’t make yourself a target. In the chaos, there will a lack of resources. People who seek to get gas, food, and water later will find themselves out of luck with it all bought up and facing price gouging. No water means dehydration, which is bad in a dry setting during a heat wave. You cannot live without water for more than 3 days, so have a water bottle on you at all times. There is also the risk of falling ill or getting hurt during the bug out journey, so have first aid on you at all times.

One of the main reasons for bugging out is a natural catastrophe like earthquakes, floods, blizzards, and tornadoes. Sometimes, your house is just not safe enough and you need to evacuate from there to get out of danger. When evacuating, you most likely to encounter roadways blocked or congested. Seek out back roads and alternative routes to get around the blockage and drive a car that is durable for all terrains. The last possible danger is the lack of communication. Phone lines (including cell phones) may go down or may get just overloaded. You need to communicate with family and friends, especially if they in danger or to locate each other. Your family may be spread out when a disaster happens so having a meet up location is important.

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