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7 Design Tips For Your Outdoor Space Using Backyard Design Software

Having a beautiful outdoor space is a dream for most homeowners. A livable backyard is perfect for entertaining guests, creating your own green sanctuary, and for anything else you want to use it—your space, your way indeed. Although designing an outdoor space is often done conventionally, have you tried doing so using backyard design software? Yes, this is a piece of software that lets you create a plan that you can mix and match or alter and redesign as you please.

Your Virtual Playroom

Designing can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s for a space in your home that needs a makeover. If you’ve been contemplating for a while whether you should come up with your own outdoor haven, now is the time to do so. What’s more, you can easily get a glimpse of what it’ll look like without actually doing anything to the space yet.

Should you decide to use backyard design software to draw some layouts, here are some tips you might want to consider:

Visualize First

Before thinking of a design or concept for your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to start with a clean slate and try to visualize first. Close your eyes and imagine your backyard. What do you see? Is there any particular design or focal point you want to emphasize? Can you pinpoint where you want to build a patio or a roofed structure for dining, perhaps? What colors do you think will work well with your design? How about the materials?

Those are some of the questions that could help you in visualizing your design. It might be difficult at first to get a feel of how it’ll look like, and that’s understandable. Don’t worry, though, because ideas will most probably come easy as you start using the software.

Start Drawing A 2D Layout

With backyard design software, you can draw a 2-dimensional (2D) layout for your backyard. This easy-to-read plan would include symbols representing different outdoor elements such as water features, gardens, and trees. A 2D layout also lets you have a detailed aerial view of your design.

2D plans are commonly used by professional designers, remodelers, and home builders. Yours should present a clear layout of the space, including all the elements you plan on putting in it. If you haven’t tried making one before, the software should be pretty easy to use and navigate. You can use your computer mouse to draw the floor plan from scratch. Color code each section or element as you please and modify it anytime, too.

Try Different Pre-Designed Templates

Most backyard design software options come with pre-designed templates you can play with when designing your outdoor space. These templates can give you several ideas and insights into how you want your garden to look like. They’re also a good starting point if you have no idea where or how to begin your design. Eventually, you’ll get a better grasp of the software, and you can be more creative while creating your layout.

The templates are also usually customizable, which means you can try another color, element, focal point, or material in the existing designs depending on your preference. The sky’s the limit when it comes to being creative, so go and let your imagination run wild.

Design Software

Decide On The Elements You Want To Include

Of course, even if it’s just the layout or design you’re working on, you also need to think of the different elements or objects you want to incorporate in your outdoor space. Such a decision will be heavily impacted by what you plan to do in the area once it’s finished. Do you like entertaining guests? If so, then adding a gazebo and an outdoor kitchen might be a good idea.

You should also think of the kinds of plants you want to add to your space. You can consider shrubs, trees, and flowering plants to beautify the place. Additionally, you can build a garden shed that could be useful if you plan on doing more gardening. Think of the different water features you want to include, such as a swimming pool and water fountains.

Print Your Design Every Time You Finish One

Although the layouts look pretty impressive as you use the software, it can help you imagine the space even better if you print the design out each time you finish one. That way, you can have all of them pinned to your mood board for inspiration. If you want, you can bring the printed design with you outside and try placing it just right before the space to envision it better.

Printed designs are also better if you want to ask your friends or family about your creation. You can pass them around and let them know about your ideas. They can make suggestions as you go, and when you’re editing the design on the software, you can apply their tips or make changes as necessary.

Get Software That Is Compatible With Mobile Devices

Not all backyard design software options are created equal. Some are only compatible with web browsers, while others can be downloaded on tablets and mobile devices. If you’re always on the go or prefer a compact device when doing most of your activities, you might want to consider going for software you can access and play with using your handheld gadgets.

That way, you can conveniently do your designs whenever and wherever you are. Say you commute via train or bus every day; you could use the downtime to finish your layout or design.

Do Your Research

While it can be fun to experiment and play with the software, it could also help if you did your research before and while using it. You can search online for some tips on designing your outdoor space using backyard design software. You can get in touch with the app’s creator or manufacturer to learn how you can better use it. You never know if there may be several features you’re not yet using, and once you’ve done the necessary research, you can maximize those features and improve your design.


Backyard design software can be quite helpful in coming up with creative and out-of-the-box ideas for your outdoor space. In this time and age where most people are inclined to home improvement and enhancement ideas, an app can add a refreshing and more flexible perspective to the designs you already have in mind. 

Who knows, after you’re done with the backyard, you’ll be inspired to recreate and design other parts of your home using software that allows you to do anything you want.

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