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7 Exceptional Installations And Feature You Should Never Ignore When Looking For A House

We are living in challenging times. As people migrate from the crowded cities to suburban to avoid getting Covid-19, the term affordable housing is becoming irrelevant. The cost of owning a home is increasing. On the same time, loss of jobs is diminishing potential buyers’ inventories. 

When you see a seller offering a better price, the next thing you would want to grab the house. A little delay can make you lose a golden opportunity. But before you take a step and pay your deposit, consider performing an inspection. You can hire an expert like Same Day Trades to work with you on this phase. 

Remember, looks can be deceiving. Without proper inspection, you can find yourself in regrets after moving in. Here are 7 exceptional installation and features should inspect before saying yes to the deal:

Looking For A House

The roofing

Roofing is a crucial aspect to assess in the new house. A quality and maintained roofing can serve you for 30+ years. A shoddy roofing will mean that you must replace it after some time. You need to ensure the roofing material used is of the right quality. 

Also, assess the gutters to ensure they can drain the rain water properly. Improper gutter installation can lead to flooding issues in your house. If the seller claims to have performed the inspection, you have the right to request for a review. 

You can also get a disclosure for if the state requires the sellers to do so. This way, you will avoid making a wrong decision and lose your money.

A presence of flooding zone

You are lucky. The house you are buying is not near a river or water body. Flooding will not be an issue. While that might be the case, house location does not mean you will never experience flooding issues. Modern weather are unpredictable and flooding can become a common thing in the area.

With flooding, you will need to increase your insurance premium. The insurance companies charge extra coins to people owning property in high risk flood areas. For this reason, it is important to do due diligence. 

Assess the possibility of flooding cases in your area. You can visit the local authority offices for information about the areas flood risks. With this information, you will know whether to close the deal or not.      

Data points

Remote working is the new normal. People are working and holding meeting virtually. When buying a home, internet connection need to be a priority. You need to assess whether the house is internet-ready or not. Check the data point installation to ensure you can extend your internet connectivity across the rooms.

If there are no such features, you can request the seller to install data point. Or else, you can hire reputable companies like Same Day Trades to do the work and request for deduction of the cost from the house price. Remember, without such features it will be hard for you to perform your office assignments or suffer from poor connectivity.  

Plumbing systems

No doubt, plumbing system is the life line of any household. No matter the design and look, a house without a good plumbing system is not worth it. Some plumbing leaks may not be noticeable immediately unless after extensive inspection by a plumber.

Other areas have very old and outdated sewer systems. These aspects can be a pot of unending plumbing issues. It is good to know the mess you are getting into before it is too late. So, before deciding to pay a deposit, ensure you have a comprehensive assessment of the plumbing system.

Electric system

Electric system is the next thing you should never ignore. A fault or poor wiring common in old house can result into fatal incidents such as fire outbreak. Some houses also have old fixtures and fitting that are expensive to replace or even hard to find in the market.

Do an extensive assessment of the electrical system. Check the presence of exposed wires or ones heading to nowhere. Assess the fuse box and other essential areas. Essentially, working with an electrician from Same Day Trades can help you identify unseen issues. 

Sometimes, you may need to do an overall rewiring of the house. Cite such issues as they might help you get a better deal. 

Opportunity for upgrading

Are you looking for a house that allows you to add an extra room? Probably, the house you are buying has three rooms. You want to add an extra room for home office.  In some areas, there are tight development restrictions. This means you cannot alter the design or add anything extra on the house you bought. 

It is crucial to have this information before hand to when making your purchase decision. Consider visiting the local authority to get insights on the zoning restrictions. This way, you will know the floor-to-area ratio restrictions

You should not wait until you spend money on new design only to have it canceled due to the zone restrictions. So, perform the background checks about zoning restriction operating in the property’s location. 

The background history of the house

People rush to buy a home without learning about its history. Like land, a house on sale may have some unpleasant history that will follow you once you occupy it. Things like faulty walls, poor plumbing and electrical system, and roofing can become future disappointments. It is important to ask when the renovation took place and last inspections on the house systems. 

As well, it is crucial to know about the past occupants. Some people offer a cheap price for house that have had crime histories. As such, consider asking the neighbors about the history of the house before signing the buying contract.

Wrapping up

As you know, a house is a long-term investment. You do not need to make an error when purchasing one. Ignoring the above aspects can lead to regretful life. So, you should take your time to inspect the house. Ensure everything is in the right order before penning down your signature on the sale contract. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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