Gardening7 Tips For Easier Gardening

7 Tips For Easier Gardening

Here are 7 tips to make gardening much easier since it will require much less work. These tips will help anyone to have a garden with almost no work and minimal watering. Setting up a garden is the hardest part. You must first prepare the space. I like raised beds the most because it gets your garden space up off the ground, which allows it to warm up a little earlier in the spring. The weeds can’t just creep in from the surrounding ground, the ground will stay soft and much looser because you are not walking on it and compacting it and because no matter what type of ground you have you can make the raised garden bed better.


For people who have a lot of clay or sandy soil a raised bed garden is perfect because you can add compost and other things to make the soil perfect. Northern Homestead shares tips for easier gardening by telling us how to mulch, both to keep weeds out and to help the soil retain moisture. They also tell how to companion plant to keep the beds full which helps to prevent weeds. Another tips is to not till or hoe the soil, in a raised bed tilling is unnecessary because it doesn’t get compacted and hoeing will increase any weeds or weed seeds there might be. This is the easiest way to garden and once the garden is set up it is very easy to maintain.


See the 7 tips>>>>>>   7 Tips For Easier Gardening

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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