8 Delicious Pasta Recipes

8 Delicious Pasta Recipes

For a filling and satisfying meal try one of these 8 delicious pasta recipes. Pasta is so good and it can be made so many ways. In these recipes you will find some that are ready in 30 minutes,some that are served cold and one that is vegetarian and low carb because it is made with zucchini noodles instead of regular pasta.

8 Delicious Pasta Recipes

I think my favorite pasta dish is lasagna but I even like to take linguini and just add butter garlic and  fresh herbs. It is a simple dish but if you are using fresh herbs the flavor  really comes through. It is kind of amazing what all you can do with pasta. I know when we hear pasta we usually think of tomato based sauces but there are so many other pasta dishes that don’t have any tomato in them. Instead of a tomato pasta you could have tuna and noodles or beef and noodles. With these recipes you could make a different one each night of the week. One thing I like about pasta dishes is that you can usually make enough to feed a lot of people fairly inexpensively and most everyone loves pasta.


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