Uncategorized8 Easy Homemade Instant Coffee Mix Recipes

8 Easy Homemade Instant Coffee Mix Recipes

If you love flavored coffee mixes but cringe at the price, get these 8 instant coffee mix recipes and make your favorites at home and save.  The battle between tea and coffee has been going on for far too long. It may still be present in the future as well. However, when the weather becomes cold, coffee often wins over tea. Coffee is believed to be warmer and its thick texture is comforting when you have no choice but to stay indoors. Over the years, people have developed different ways to consume coffee. It is taken both as cold and warm.

8 Easy Homemade Instant Coffee Mix Recipes

Coffee beans can vary as well. In many countries, coffee remains the mick starter for the day but when it comes to enjoying a good cup of coffee just to satisfy your craving, coffee lovers prefer different flavors as well. These flavors can be obtained using innovative recipes. This post from Thrifty Fun mentions 8 flavored instant coffee blends. The post targets the fact that popular coffee brands are quite expensive but we can make our own flavored blends. The post outline 8 unique blends that we can prepare ourselves. These homemade coffee blends have a better taste as it is not imitated like brands do with sugar mixes. This winter and holiday season, try these homemade blends to have a better coffee experience. More of the 8 recipes are in the comments on the page.

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Paige Raymond
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