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8 Interior Decoration Secrets That Nobody Tells You

Sometimes, when you go to market, you find an eye-catching item perfect for your home décor. You immediately purchase it on impulse, thinking that it will enhance your interior décor.

But, when you bring it home to decorate your space, you discover that it does not compliment your interiors. It automatically seems like the wastage of money.

Most of you do not understand that interior decoration is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it takes a very knowledgeable eye.  Home décor is not only about creativity or flair; there is science too involved. 

For perfect interior décor, you usually follow specific rules based on interior décor elements. These elements include color, texture, light, space, pattern and many more.

Following are some interior decoration secrets you must consider to give your bland space an elegant look:

1. Put Some Soul Into The Room

Interior Decoration

To give your home a fresh and lively look, display the art pieces or other decorative items that are close to your heart. These elements reflect your personality and provide a needed tone to the house.

Your room will look incomplete if you do not display the items that you love the most. These items can be a photo collage on the living room wall or several paintings on the wall of your bedroom. 

You can also consider buying a lamp to grace the bedroom, and vegetable artwork to decorate the kitchen. Consider decorating your space with trending artwork that reflects your style and taste.

2. It Is All About Colors

Interior Decoration

The colors play an important role in making or breaking your interior. When you decide the colors for your house, it would be best to take a cue from the landscape around your space. Choose the shades that resemble mother nature and complement every decor piece in your home.

Also, match the wall art to the color of the walls as this will create an interesting and impressive space for you. To integrate surroundings and natural shades, give a slight touch of your main color in every corner of the house. 

It is preferable not to use a single color in interior design, but use bits of shades to create a contrast. You can refer to the color palette if you find it confusing to decide the colors for room. Just use the color that is pleasant to the eye, reflecting elegance and harmony in your home.

3. Less Is More

Interior Decoration

Make sure not to stock your place with many things as it will make a room look cluttered and congested. If your wall is large and blank, consider hanging a single piece of large wall art, or you can create a gallery wall. 

But, do not fill the space with unnecessary things it will look messy. Organize everything at place and keep clutter out of sight. 

More open space will make the look bigger and increase the beauty of your room. So, less is more a good mantra to keep the home decor impressive and attractive. 

4. Let The Door Work As A Mirror

You can use a unique and trending interior decoration concept that is installing a full-length mirror on the door cupboards. It will create an illusion of bigger space and also work as a dress-up mirror.

If the lighting in your room is low, you can strategically use these mirrors to brighten up the space. They reflect plenty of light and illuminate a room in an innovative as well as a fun way.

5. Give A Glimpse Of Nature

Interior Decoration

If you are a nature lover, you can show this love by adding a touch of nature to your interiors. Whether you want to fill the empty corner or wish to add a fashion statement, indoor plants are a perfect choice.

Indoor potted plants will add elegance and character to your room. Further, they bring freshness and natural color to the interiors. You can also place the faux plants in low lighted areas to make that space look bright and lively. 

Try to mix the faux plants with the original ones for giving the space a more natural look. Also, you can hang a natural looking wall art to add an extra charm to your space.

6. Use Curtains in the Best Possible Way

Curtains in your home not only provide you privacy, but also add color and texture to your rooms. So, it would be best if you hang your curtains high up on the walls, and it should go for full-length drapes. 

Use curtains that take less space and add more grace to your interiors. You can hang curtains of any color that match the theme of your house and complement your furniture. 

7. Focus on the Ceilings

Most of you spend all your time decorating the walls, only a few people pay attention to the ceilings. However, ceilings are also an important part of any interior and you should not overlook it.

Consider your ceilings as a blank canvas and add different colors as well as designs to it. It will add more tone to your space and make your area look beautiful. You can also go for a false ceiling option to make your room trendy.

8. Style Every Shelf and Table

Placing a table in a room is also an art. Place a table at the area where it complements the artwork and other accessories in the room. Also, dress up the table with a beautiful flower vase, table cloth or trending chairs. 

Same is the case with shelves in your home. Consider using floating shelves and decorate them with photo frames or other decor pieces. You must think of each table or shelf as an art and style them accordingly.

Final Words

When you decorate your home, do not stick to dull and old-fashioned interiors. You can add colors and art to your room to make the interior look trending. Also, make sure you do not overdo anything while decorating your house; otherwise, it will be a sour site.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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