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8 Ways That Decorative Planters Can Make Your Home More Beautiful In 2020


1. Group planters to create an outdoor oasis.

Use potted plants on a porch, balcony, garden patio or backyard deck. Freestanding flower pots on the ground as well as on outdoor tables will add life to your space and create a personal oasis with irresistible appeal. Group several cement pots together for a look that stuns. There’s nothing more inviting than a comfortable seating area tucked among gorgeous pots overflowing with flowers and luscious greenery.

Decorative Planters


2. Turn your bathroom into a serene spa.

Whether you have a soaker tub with jets or a standard bathtub, you can surround yourself with fresh green plants in various sizes to create a serene setting that’s just perfect for relaxing after a busy day. Most soaker tubs feature a wide ledge that’s ideal for colourful decorative plant pots in interesting shapes and sizes. If your bathtub doesn’t have a wide enough rim, place one or two pretty plant stands, in a soothing pastel shade, on the floor beside the tub. You’ll feel like you’re escaping into a natural spa the moment you step into the water.

Decorative Planters


3. Add greenery to an office wall.

Wall hanging planters offer an artistic, modern vibe to any space. They’re perfect for bringing plants into your room no matter how large or tiny your home is. If you’re short on floor space and don’t want a planter on your desk, hang your favorite plants on the wall. In addition to becoming a great conversation piece as wall art, live plants help absorb toxins, improving the air we breath. They have a positive effect on our health and well being. Using wall planters is a terrific way to fill up empty wall space or complement existing décor while cleaning the air at the same time!

Decorative Planters


4. Display fresh blooms and bring the outdoors in.

Showcase your green thumb and put cheerful garden blooms on display indoors. Stylish wall hanging pots offer an elegant way to root fresh clippings or shine the spotlight on magnificent flowers. Go green and turn your plants and flowers into beautiful wall art. Enjoy your garden (indoors and out) and let guests admire your gardening skills as well.

Decorative Planters


5. Choose pots with personality.

Want to turn heads? Stunning planters offer eye-catching glam. Opt for modern planters with unique silhouettes when you want to bring a fabulous touch to an office, dining room sideboard or fireplace mantle. Guaranteed to garner attention, these planters are the perfect vessels for displaying an exotic orchid or thriving succulent.

Decorative Planters


6. Use geometric planters to bring your creativity to life.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes. Stylish metal hexagon pocket planters are designed to be filled with trailing vines, mini potted succulents or faux greenery. Mix and match planter pockets in various colors to showcase your creativity. Group them, hang them vertically or design a look that fits your space. You can also leave a few of them empty so that they become part of the canvas from which your plants pop.  Next time you have a blank wall to fill, think outside the box and choose geometric wall planters over framed wall art.

Decorative Planters


7. Pick planters that enhance your décor style.

Nothing says “chic” like a gold planter on a wooden stand, just as nothing shouts “modern” like a concrete planter in grey or black.  If you want to add elegance to a formal dining space, choose a luxurious gold planter. Want to enhance a modern loft? Add planters in textures and colors the reflect the same industrial feel. Just as the plants you choose to display in your home say a lot about you, so too do the planters you display them in. Add pastel planters in a baby’s room or vibrant metal planters to add color to a living room. There are so many choices, you’ll want to explore your many options. 

Decorative PlantersDecorative Planters


8. Use plants as a focal point or subtle accent.

All plants offer an organic touch to a home, which is why plants are a décor essential. There are so many styles of decorative planters, plant stands, pots and vases, that there’s no reason you can’t experiment with various styles to contain plants in every room.

Lining flower pots along a window sill or hanging them from the ceiling in boho-inspired macrame hangers is the perfect way to add life to every corner of your home. A single hanging plant in a window offers sophisticated simplicity, while several hanging plants at varying heights create an eye-catching focal point that can take the place of a window treatment.

Decorative Planters

Whether you’re an avid gardener who loves getting their hands dirty or you prefer simple, low-maintenance houseplants, adding natural touches to your home with captivating planter decor is an easy, inexpensive way to create an environment that feels fresh and inviting.

Discover a fabulous collection of decorative planters for your home and patio, along with pretty vases you can also use to display nature’s beauty. 

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