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9 Kitchen Upgrades That Add the Most Value to Your Home                                       

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and it’s also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. A well-designed kitchen will not only make the space more comfortable and enjoyable but also improve the overall appeal of your home. It would be best to invest in those upgrades that bring the highest return on investment. Below, we share the nine easy kitchen upgrades that will add the most value to your home.

Add New Countertops

It’s probably time to get rid of those outdated grout and tile countertops that are complicated to clean. New countertops will give your kitchen a modern look and feel while adding a touch of elegance and style.

Many different types of countertops are available on the market today, including laminate, porcelain, tile, marble, granite, and quartz. You may opt to give your kitchen an instant facelift and brighter appearance with white porcelain or quartzite countertops or other materials suggested by your Easy Reno kitchen renovation contractor.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Dull, poorly functioning, and outdated kitchen appliances not only increase your carbon footprint but also lead to high energy consumption and water wastage. You can start by replacing low-flow kitchen faucets and plumbing fixtures to save on water.

Invest in high-performing and professional-grade appliances that will serve you for many years and still stand out as a major selling point to future potential home buyers. Stainless steel appliances have stood out as the best bet in adding value to a kitchen and a go-to option for most homeowners.

However, don’t go overboard in your choice of new appliances. Consider your budget and go for those refrigerators, ice makers, dishwashers, and microwaves within a good price range. Check the available space in your kitchen to see if it can accommodate all the new appliances without causing congestion.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures

There are numerous kitchen lighting ideas to try out. You may consider installing recessed lights above counters or under cabinets to provide adequate illumination without being too bright. A string of tiny white lights or puck lighting installed beneath your cabinets can also be the best choice to add ambience while illuminating the counter for working.

If you have a large area to cover, consider purchasing hanging fixtures suspended from the ceiling. You may also include pendants over the peninsula or your kitchen island. A dramatic pendant or a gooseneck sconce will do well over the sink area. Consider buying LED light bulbs for better energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. The best thing about these lights is that they don’t get hot like traditional bulbs.

Infographic on popular kitchen and bathroom upgrades for 2023By HomeLight Homes

Change the Backsplash

A new backsplash can add style and value to your kitchen and increase its functionality. Most people choose tile backsplash because of its versatility and ability to create a warm aesthetic in any room. You can use tile on its own or with other materials like concrete or wood graining.

You may also opt for a concrete or stone backsplash if you want something that’s durable and looks professional. The good thing is that you can use this type of material in any design scheme you like, including modern or traditional layouts.

Wood graining is worth considering if you’re looking for something that will give your kitchen an upscale look. This material looks amazing against stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets and even dark-colored walls.

Repaint the Walls and Cabinets

Painting the walls can be a good way to brighten up a room and make it look larger. If you have a grab kitchen, Try painting over the cabinets to add visual interest. You may repaint the walls in a neutral shade, such as white or off-white. This will allow you to use any other accessories you want to add to your kitchen, such as cabinets or lighting fixtures, without looking out of place. It’s important to take into account the existing wall color, so you don’t have mismatched colors in your kitchen interior space.

Replace the Kitchen Hardware

You can substitute those builder-grade drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs with vintage or new hardware to include character in your kitchen. It’s not a must you match your hardware to the finish of your appliances or sink. You can even go for brass drawer pulls with black appliances.

Since you handle the cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls more often, go for an easy-to-clean style and design. Ensure it also matches the old hardware for quick installation.

Add Drawer Organizers and Cabinet Accessories

Adding cabinetry and drawer organizers to your tiny kitchen can help you maximize storage space as well as keep everything organized. Cabinets are typically made of wood, metal or glass and can be placed on the countertop or below it. Drawer organizers are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

You can use the cabinets to store the things you use most frequently, such as small appliances, pots and pans. Drawer organizers can be used for utensils, cups, lids, spices, and other cooking accessories.

Get New Fabrics

Adding fabric finishings, such as rugs and hand towels, to your kitchen space will help add a touch of softness and make it feel homely. A well-positioned rug or runner will make it easy for you to stand at the sink or counter on bare feet. It would be best to go for slip-resistant mats to add extra cushion and keep them in place. Consider those washable rugs to enable you to clean them and keep the kitchen looking new.

Add a Kitchen Island or Peninsula

A kitchen island is a great way to include more counter space and storage in your kitchen layout. It also provides a space for people to sit and a food preparation area.

There are several types of islands, including freestanding and built-in. Built-ins can be made of wood or stone and come in many different styles. You can choose between traditional or modern designs, depending on what you want to achieve in your kitchen. If you have limited space, consider going for a smaller island. This will allow you to use it as intended without taking up too much room space.

You can give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank with options like wall and cabinet repainting, adding storage, and replacing your backsplash and hardware. You can blend that with a little texture, color, and functionality and see your home value shoot high. For best results, walk the journey with a professional kitchen renovation contractor.

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