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9 Reasons Why Your Guest House Needs Café Blinds

Are you setting up a guest house or B&B? If you are, then renovating your outdoor entertainment area is most likely on the agenda. Your guests will love this amenity! Aside from upgrading the patio and garden, what else can you do to create the perfect space?

One of the easiest and most functional methods of updating your outdoor space involves adding cafe blinds. If you’re not sure if outdoor blinds are the right accessory for your guest house or B&B, then this article is for you!

Café Blinds – The Most Functional Outdoor Accessories

Essentially, café blinds are designed to border your patio or outdoor area, thereby creating a stylish alfresco space. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why café blinds are perfect for your guest house.

1. Added Value to Your Property

Whether or not you have any future resale plans, it’s always wise to consider how alterations, renovations or upgrades will affect the property’s value. Fortunately, café blinds are among the top features that instantly add value to a property.

The main reason for this is that blinds on an outdoor patio area create an additional space that can enhance the functionality of the home. Potential future buyers won’t have to invest in blinds and will also have an additional room to use.

2. Enables Year-Round Entertainment

Nothing limits your entertaining options quite as much as the change of season. Adding the Ziptrak blinds Melbourne homeowners are investing in is a top way to keep your space useful year-round. Whether it’s rainy, windy or just plain hot, having these or café blinds will enable your guests to enjoy the Australian climate all year-round!

3. Works as Pest Control

When you’re entertaining guests, the last thing you need is to have them be uncomfortable because they need to swat insects all day! Café blinds are the ideal way to keep guests comfortable and insects out of your entertainment area.

4. Provide Your Guests With Privacy

Ziptrack café blinds are also excellent for providing your guests with privacy when they sit in the entertainment area. You can either opt for a dark mesh fabric or simply lower the blinds to the halfway setting. Doing this will allow for privacy without sacrificing the experience of sitting in the fresh air.

5. Maintain Natural Light

If you’re considering building a wall around your patio area, you will have to install lighting. That means you’ll cover the cost of the wall as well as the lights. Furthermore, you’ll have an extra addition to your energy bill.

When you choose to opt for café blinds instead of walls, you’ll maintain the natural light in the space. Less spending on boundaries, fittings and electricians!

6. Wide Variety

With the huge range of colours, styles and textures available, it’s easy to find café blinds that accentuate your outdoor space. You’ll be able to choose a design style that improves the look and atmosphere of your guest house.

In addition to a large variety of design styles, you can also choose whether or not you want manual or motorised blind options. Manual versions need to be lifted or lowered with a handle that’s installed close to the blinds. Motorised variations, on the other hand, can be operated using a remote from across the room. Guests will love this luxury!

7. Protects Outdoor Furniture

Another plus point to investing in café blinds comes from the protection they offer your outdoor furniture. It’s no secret that the harsh Australian sun can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture if left out on the patio too long.

Instead of having to move the furniture in and out all the time, simply invest in café blinds. While they do let the light in, they protect your furniture from the harsh UV rays Australia is so famous for.

8. Durable

It’s worth mentioning that café blinds are the leading choice among home and business owners looking for a durable blind option. Part of what makes the Ziptrak café blind options so appealing is their durability and versatility. They can easily be installed in just about any roof angle to provide shelter efficiently.

9. Easy to Maintain

Another reason to add café blinds to your guest house is that they are remarkably easy to clean. Here are some tips to keep your blinds clean and maintained:

  • Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the blind fabric – microfiber cloths are recommended
  • Opt for mild detergents mixed with warm water
  • Either spot-clean the blinds or use a spray bottle to clean them
  • Keep the blinds in the down position to air dry

Final Thought

The more functional you make the spaces in your guest house, the more likely you are to get bookings and improve your ratings. If you haven’t invested in café blinds, it might be time to call in the experts!

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