Gardening9 Winter Surviving Greens You Can Grow in a Garden

9 Winter Surviving Greens You Can Grow in a Garden

These 9 winter surviving greens you can grow in a garden or windowsill will allow you to serve fresh greens on your dinner plates.

Do you know that leafy greens can survive even with little light? So, why give up your fresh garden produce in winter weather? Even with the freezing temperatures, you can still grow food in winter. All you need is a little more planning.

9 Winter Surviving Greens You Can Grow in a Garden

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Here are 9 greens you can conveniently grow all winter….

Arugula – There are several species of arugula with varying tones of flavor. Try to choose a more cold-hardy variety like Sylvetta especially if you grow them outdoors.

Land Cress – Land Cress is an efficient cold resistant green to cultivate especially if you are growing it outdoors all winter long. However, it requires adequate mulching.

Agretti – Agretti can be grown every year. It has an uncommon ability to grow where most plants would not thrive.

Salad Burnet – Provide this green with a deep pot where its roots can sink through and it will amaze you.

Mache/Corn Salad – For cold temperatures, go for the small-seeded varieties.

Fennel – If you are growing green in pots, a bulbing fennel is more suitable.

Garden Sorrel – You can grow this perennial all winter as long as it is grown in a pot on a southern windowsill.

Mizuna – Provide this Asian mustard green with adequate protection and it will grow well outdoors.

Pea Greens – Pea greens can be grown under row covers outdoors or in pots indoors but ensure they get enough light and protect them from harsh winds.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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