CraftsA DIY Chain Maille Rose Pendant

A DIY Chain Maille Rose Pendant

See how to make a diy chain maille  rose pendant that you can wear or give as a gift. This looks simple enough to make and yet it looks nice and it would be different from what someone may already have. I love the blue rings that were used. This would make a great gift for Christmas.

A DIY Chain Maille Rose Pendant

You can see the pictorial from gg1220 on Instructables. If you check the comments while you are there looking at the pictorial you can see that someone made theirs with yellow wire where the blue is on this one and someone else made the pendant with copper wire and made dangle earrings using a box chain weave to go with the pendant.

It is recommended to use machine cut aluminum rings because cutting by hand makes the rings just a bit different in size.

The items you will need are as follows.

– Twelve 16 gauge 5/16″ ID rings
– Four or eight 18 gauge 3/16″ ID rings
– Two pairs of pliers (I like to use flat nose in my right hand and chain nose in my left)
– A bail of some sort, I used a spare 18ga. 1/4″ ring I had lying around

I think a bracelet made with multiples of these would look pretty nice too. If you would like to make these kinds of diy gifts or as a hobby, you might like this book Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop: Techniques and Projects for Weaving With Wire for ideas.

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