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A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Flooring

Before making the final decision as to what kind of flooring you need for a certain area of your home, it may be a good idea to determine what kind of floor can be laid there, what will work best for the use that this room will have and, of course, your budget and taste. Follow this step by step guide to make the wisest selection.

Choosing Flooring


Budgetary constraints will definitely play a major role in the type of flooring you end up with. But don’t despair. These days there is a wide selection of very attractive flooring to meet any budget. If you are prepared to spend less than $2.00 per square foot, you can opt for a bargain laminate floor. It will not only have a wood-like appearance but will be quite resilient. Another option is ceramic tiles that can also go for this price (although they may end up costing more with installation).

Intermediate flooring, for up to $5.00 a square foot includes such options as engineered hardwood, more attractive laminates, and higher quality tiles. If your budget allows for more than $5.00 per square foot, the sky is the limit. Choose among many exotic wood options such as mahogany or Brazilian cherry or go for large ceramic tiles that can be installed with no grout between them and look like marble or other expensive stone once installed.


Will you be installing this flooring in an area where water will be a constant presence such as a bathroom or kitchen? Your best options for this environment are a concrete floor, vinyl tile, or ceramic or porcelain tile, depending on your taste and budget. You definitely want to stay away from wood or any other floor that will warp or buckle when wet. 


You may not want a floor that lasts a long time, and that’s fine. But you definitely want a floor that looks good for as long as you have it. That is why, if you have pets, you may look for scratch-resistant floors. High-quality hardwoods have the advantage that they can be sanded down, but you may not want to have to deal with that hassle. If that is the case, go for a good laminate floor, or wood-look tiles if you want the wood look. Otherwise, ceramic or porcelain tiles are good options and even carpeting if that suits your needs.

Low Maintenance

If this is your primary concern, look towards vinyl flooring whether it’s plank, sheet, or tile. Or select a nice laminate floor that is easy to clean. If easy maintenance is not your main concern, solid hardwood cannot be beat. It lends warmth to any room where it is installed and provides a classic look. However, high-traffic areas may do better if you prevent any scratches or damage by throwing a nice rug or runner on top of them.

If you are set on hardwood, you should be aware that there are many types of Hardwood Flooring that can work well with the look you are trying to achieve as well as your budget. Consult with your contractor or with a flooring professional to make sure your home looks exactly the way you want and you will not have any issues with your flooring down the line.

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Heather Jones
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