DIY ProjectsAdd a Lazy Susan to Your Dining Table Project

Add a Lazy Susan to Your Dining Table Project

Learning how to add a lazy Susan to your dinning table is a simple project that
adds this unique and rather ingenious feature is beyond cool. A table top lazy Susan is commonly seen in Chinese restaurants. This tool makes passing platters and bowls around the table, so each person can dish a portion onto their own personal plate.

Add a Lazy Susan to Your Dining Table Project

Homesteaders have grown accustomed to seeing spinning lazy Susan’s in cupboards, inside the refrigerator and in the food storage pantry. They offer incredible convenience on a table tops. Does a family member on the other side of the table need the salt or pepper? Simply spin your lazy Susan slowly and it delivers itself!

Materials and tools needed:

1. Barrel lid, circle wood cutting board or a homemade circular piece of wood – LapWorks 15″ Heavy Duty Swivel – LIFETIME WARRANTY – With Steel Ball Bearings for Indoor/Outdoor Use With Flat Panel Monitors and Big Screen Tv’s
2. Lazy Susan spinner hardware – Lazy Susan Bearings, 3″, 5/16″ Thick, 200-lb. Capacity
3. Screws and washers

To calculate what size to choose, just take the diameter or width of your table and subtract 30. This number will give you the diameter of the largest size circle you will need. Obviously, you could go smaller and still be OK too, but we would not recommend leaving more than 20″ of space between the edge of the table and the rotating circle. This makes it hard to reach the contents on the turntable. So basically, 15-20″ of space is needed from the edge of your table to the edge of the rotating circle to be best utilized.

(Diameter of table) minus (30) = Max size lazy susan!

Click here to read about how to add a lazy Susan to your dinning table:

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