CraftsAdd Spigot to ONE Gallon Glass Mason Jar Project

Add Spigot to ONE Gallon Glass Mason Jar Project

How to Add Spigot to ONE Gallon Glass Mason Jar Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. It may seem crazy but it is totally possible to safely make a hole in glass.

Add Spigot to ONE Gallon Glass Mason Jar Project

Installing a tap can be helpful if wanting to pour any beverage, from water to alcohol, in to a cup. It is a creative way to open up any drink filled with ice rather than just buy everything out of the bottle. With a Mason jar about a gallon full and an actual tap (stainless steel preferred), it is a fancy construction to make at home for a party.Get the tools needed to place in the tap: carbide drill bits, hot glue, a stained glass edge grinder, cleaning products, and a pen.

Now, comes the blue-collar work. Trace the spot where the tap will be with the pen and cover the spot with the glue. Wedge the carbide bit into the drill and carefully push in to let the bit inside the glass to go through. Push the bit too quickly and the glass cracks; use water or oil to help get through the glue and glass. Make sure the hole is big enough and get rid of the glue residue. Then, comes the grinding and do so until reaching the marked edges.

Tools Needed:

~ Carbide drilling bits   (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Hot glue   (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Stained glass edge grinder (Buy Here from Amazon)

~ Basic cleaning items: soap, baking soda, a sponge you plan on throwing away

Cutting oil

Permanent marking pen

Chapstick/lip balm


If the tap fits through the hole, it’s perfect. But, before having that tightened in, clean the jar to completely remove all glue and oil with all necessary cleaning solutions and dry it out. Then, go ahead and add it to the glass bottle or jar. Try it out with a bit of water to see of it works.

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