Natural RemediesAdd Tea Tree Essential Oil to Shampoo to Avoid Lice

Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to Shampoo to Avoid Lice

These easy steps of how to add Tea Tree Essential Oil to shampoo to avoid the epidemic of Lice that abounds in cities. Treatment-resistant “super lice” have been found crawling through children’s hair in at least 25 states as quoted by Today.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for multiple reasons, from producing fragrances to medicinal purposes. And, as more and more is learned about essential oils in the Western world, they are growing in popularity, especially for DIY projects. Essential oils are concentrated oils extracted from plants, whether it be from the flower, leaves, or bark. And these oils have many uses, some of which are just  learning about.

Add Tea Tree Essential Oil to Shampoo to Avoid Lice

One of the most popular essential oils is tea tree oil. Because tea tree oil offers so many benefits, it’s being added more and more to everyday cosmetic and health products. One of the products that tea tree oil can be added to is shampoo.

This tutorial goes over how this can be done, to create a shampoo that smells amazing, but also helps prevent dandruff and lice.

For this tutorial, you will need the following materials:

Tea Tree Oil
– Shampoo
– Dropper

This is a leave in shampoo, so when you’re using it, make sure you have a little bit of time put aside to let it sit for at least five minutes. This will allow the oils to permeate the skin and hair.

This tutorial also includes instructions on how to make a tea tree oil leave in conditioner. This is a great weekly treatment to give your hair the deep conditioning it needs. This will only add to the power of the shampoo.

For the conditioner, you will need the following ingredients:

– Tea Tree Oil
– Egg
– Olive Oil

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Melissa Francis
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