GardeningAdding Coffee Grounds For Acid To Your Blueberry Bushes

Adding Coffee Grounds For Acid To Your Blueberry Bushes

If you have blueberry bushes or are planning to grow blueberry bushes, here are some interesting tips of growing them. Blueberry bushes need to have some acid when growing so acid needs to be added and worked into the soil around the base of the bush every couple of years. Some folks buy acid to add to the soil and you should buy a kit to test the ph of the soil if you are planting blueberry bushes because they are an acid loving plant and need an acid soil to grow in. If you are just planting the bushes you may want to buy a ph kit and check the soil in the area or container you plan to use. If it need to have the ph lowered you can buy peat moss and work it into the soil where you will be planting, there are also acid products you can buy to add to the soil (elemental sulphur is one).

Once you have the ph between 4.5 and 5.2 it will be acidic enough for the blueberries. You should test the soil every couple of years to make sure you keep the ph correct. If the ph level gets to high the plant may look nice and healthy but your fruit production will not be at maximum. Vintage Garden Gal shares that she uses coffee grounds to keep the soil in her container blueberries acidic. This is nice because the coffee grounds are there assuming you are a coffee drinker, so you don’t have to buy anything and the grounds also help to keep the soil loose, which also helps with drainage.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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