ChickensAdding New Chickens To Homesteading Flock Safely

Adding New Chickens To Homesteading Flock Safely

Adding New Chickens To Homesteading Flock Safely takes technique, tips and tricks for the average homesteader who is increasing their feathered friends’ numbers.

Adding New Chickens To Homesteading Flock Safely

People need to add new chickens in their farm as time goes by and, like having a new child home when there’s multiple children already there, it can be rough for the new one. However, it isn’t dangerous, the chickens just need to be kept safe and integrated without issue. The news chickens are quarantined at the beginning so they are 100 percent healthy before putting them with the rest. Watch them for the first few days in the pen by adding a small run and house just for them. Build a training ground within the ground itself, which will get the other chickens’ attention.

They may find themselves accepting the newcomer after some time. If they’re healthy and seem comfortable in the big space, make the next moves.

There is a pecking order that always takes place, so as long as there is no violence like pecking, the chickens are cooperating. Be patient with the process because the rooster, the one who is king, will get the new ones in line and follow protocol. Chickens do many things and sometimes it’s a test to how new breeds work with others. The new ones are small and have to look up to the big chickens on the block.

This is as common as new kids on the playground, but now in an open field under our eye. Farm life and controlling all the animals is a very tough occupation since that is the main point of homesteading.

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