RecipesAdult Meltaway Candy from Leftover WINE Recipe

Adult Meltaway Candy from Leftover WINE Recipe

This delicious adult meltaway candy from leftover wine recipe

Adult Meltaway Candy from Leftover WINE Recipe

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The main aim of this is to introduce you to how to make meltaway candy from leftover wine. This will also inspire you to be a little more creative. After going through this recipe, you will begin to think twice before you discard leftover wine.

Here, leftover wine that would have been disposed was turned into some sweet candies. Imagine the level of creativity. Apart from that, all that is needed for the magical transformation is cornstarch, 0.88 oz of either liquid sorbitol or powdered one, 7.9 oz of sugar, 8.8 oz of glucose syrup and 2.5 oz of gelatin.

But it may be a little difficult to ascertain how much is saved from this project because all the necessary ingredients will cost a few dollars. At the same time, you need to remember that the leftover wine was headed for the drain if it was not converted into a meltaway candy.


4.9 oz Red wine, or sweet white

2.5 oz Gelatin

8.8 oz Glucose syrup

7.9 oz Sugar

0.88 oz Sorbitol, powdered or liquid

Cornstarch, as needed

This should also make you think outside the box and experiment with some leftover snacks or other kind of drinks too. The things you can create with leftovers are infinite. Apart from candies, there are other things you can do with leftover wine. So, put on your thinking cap and come up with your own project.

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