Household TipsAdvice On What To Eat When Broke

Advice On What To Eat When Broke

Now that Christmas is over,  a lot of us will have a couple of tight months trying to catch up with our spending and money may be short for a while. Well here is some advice on what to eat when broke for anyone that may need it.

Advice On What To Eat When Broke

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 This is a fantastic article with many sources to help you with choosing ways to provide good food for your family without spending as much as you may be used to spending on food. It discusses all the things we really don’t want to eat like pesticides, growth hormone, antibiotic and such and then explains how to choose the lesser of the bad stuff and still have food on the table.

There is info on which fruits and vegetables have the least toxins on them and which grains you should have in bulk in your pantry that will provide filling nutritious meals or add to a meat to make a filling meal for a family. They suggest farmers markets when you can afford to go to one. Also growing a garden to help supply some of your own fresh produce. Buying is bulk when you find a great sale and preserving the extra by dehydrating, freezing or canning.

 Making one meal a day an inexpensive one by eating a bowl of warming soup, filling oatmeal  or even crackers with peanut butter. There are ways to spend a little less on groceries if you need to. I know at my house we have beans and cornbread for a super cheap meal, We all love it so it never seems to be a hardship but you can feed a lot of people on 2 pounds of beans and a skillet or 2 of cornbread.

Leftover beans are delicious fried and with a little cheese added. We eat them with tortilla chips and they fill you up. Lots of helpful tips in this article from Eat Local Grown.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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