CleanersAfter Cold Flu Home Clean Up

After Cold Flu Home Clean Up

It is very important to do after cold and flu home clean up because viruses are sneaky and like to hide around the house. Family members can be contagious at different times therefore spreading germs from a few seconds to 48 hours – depending on the specific virus and the type of surface.  And it’s suspected that cold and flu viruses live longer on nonporous surfaces, such as plastic, metal or wood, than they do on porous surfaces, such as fabrics, skin or paper.

Even after you assume your family is over the cold/flu, frequent hand washing is one of the first lines of defense against reinfection.

When disinfecting your home, use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to wipe down kitchen and bathroom hard surfaces. Be sure to use paper towels instead of sponges so you can throw away any pick up germs, sponges just spread them around.

Please clean these items to create a healthier living environment for your family:

  • Home Phones and Cell Phones

  • TV Remote Controls

  • Light Switches

  • Refrigerator handles

  • The Bathroom – water faucets, sink rims, door knobs and toilet (including seat and handle)

  • Tables – kitchen table, coffee tables, play-area tables, and night tables tend to host cold and flu viruses, because they’re touched often and aren’t wiped down enough.

  • Computers – wipe keyboards and screens (people sneeze on them) with barely wet alcohol wipes

  • Stuffed animals – wash in the laundry if possible. Otherwise, keep stuffed animals away from everyone for a few days to let viruses on it’s surface die.

  • Wash in high temperature water all sheets, blankets, towels and clothing worn while sick. Wash your hands after handling them.

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 Post Cold Flu Home Clean Up
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It makes good sense to be vigilant against the germs that can make you sick particularly during the fall and winter months, when colds and flu are at their peak.

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Melissa Francis
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