DIY ProjectsAlcohol Plumbing Fixture Dispenser DIY Project

Alcohol Plumbing Fixture Dispenser DIY Project

How to build an alcohol plumbing fixture dispenser diy project is a great way to create frugal yet fun addition to your homemade bar.

Alcohol Plumbing Fixture Dispenser DIY Project

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Of course, everyone knows what a water dispenser is but have you ever heard of a “Beverage Dispenser?” This is basically a simple machine designed for dispensing drinks other than water (beverages). The process of making this product is simple with a self-explanatory design.

Material Supply List:

– ¾ inch garden hose faucet

– 5-inch long ¾ inch threaded pipe

– ¾ inch brass female-to-female connector

– Steel ¾ inch flange

– Brass 1 inch to ¾ inch reducer

– Brass straight tee (¾ inch)

– Some pipes

– 2 wooden planks

– 4 screws and a wine cork

Step 1

For the base, cut a piece of scrap wood into two and drill a 4-inch hole into one of them before gluing, routing and sanding them together. Then make a slight torch on it. But ensure to sand again before applying 3-4 layers of Polyacrylic finish.

Step 2

For the plumbing, combine steel and brass hardware for a uniform look. You can use a bit of silicone and a wine cork to plug the lower section of the pipe. Let the bottle cap go into the 1inch reducer on the top.

Step 3

Finally, ensure to screw the pipes tightly before attaching it to the base. Now, get your favorite beverage and stick to the finished product. Remember to drink responsibly while you enjoy your drink.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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