LotionsAll Natural Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

All Natural Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

     There are all sorts of anti-aging creams, salves, serums and other various potions that you can buy in the store. They are full of chemicals I can’t pronounce and possibly some pretty strong preservatives ( hmm as in preserving the skin?) but why not try this all natural  anti-aging treatment that you can make at home and so you will know exactly what you put in it and therefor what you will be putting on your face.

      The Nerdy Farmwife shares the recipe and she says. ” I actually use it as a full face, neck, and hand cream, but since it tends to start out feeling slightly sticky on the skin – you will probably only want to apply it at night. When you wake up in the morning though, it will have left your skin soft, smooth, and silky!” Sounds like a nice way to wake up to me.



Read more>>>>     http://thenerdyfarmwife.com/rosehip-honey-anti-aging-eye-treatment/

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